Hula Immersion 2024

Ernsthaftes Studium des Hula in allen Aspekten & für alle Levels

Unser Herzstück und Basis unseres Unterrichts, um wirklich einzutauchen in Tanz, Musik und Kultur Hawaiis. Auch für Einsteiger geeignet.


Ort: OMNA Institut, Vogging 1, 84326 Rimbach; bei Eggenfelden in Niederbayern

Beginn: Freitag, den 5. April um 9.30 Uhr (Anreise am Donnerstag Abend willkommen)

Ende: Sonntag, den 7. April um 16 Uhr

Seminarbeitrag: 330 €

Hauskosten (all inklusive): 240 €

English speaking participants welcome!

Hula Immersion means: the serious study of hula in all its aspects, in a shared space of learning and living – direct contact with the culture, language, environment, past and present of Hawaii Nei. 

Hula is intrinsically linked to a specific culture, environment and history quite distant and unknown to the general European mindset... and intercultural communication is even more disturbed by the fractures and ruptures of colonial history that tend to cut through rather then foster present day dialogue. To stay in the present, is a challenge rather than a given. Hawaiian sovereignty is still a dream.


The hawaiian language was and is revitalized through the establishment of immersion schools. The moment, the students enter the school building, they enter a space where only Hawaiian is spoken. This is a save space and a nest for an endangered language. Hula, too, is a language. It carries its cultural horizon to wherever it moves. And the performance opens a window in time, for all of us. The horizon is shaking. And where are we, now?