Ka 'Imi Na'auao In Dialogue with Hawai'i

By providing a way to study hula in Germany and Europe on its classical foundation, by facilitating performances that stand upon this foundation and in the cultural education, research and dialogue related to those activities the NGO Ka 'imi na'auao - in Dialogue with Hawai'i e.V. fosters cultural transfer, intercultural education and collaborations and projects that "shake" the dominant schemes of perception. 


'Imi na'auao means: in search of truth. Through hands-on and on-site learning we give recognition to the importance of ho'oma'ama'a [practice, become familiar with something; connect, knot].“`A`ole o kahi nana o luna o ka pali; iho mai a lalo nei; `ike i ke au nui, ke au iki, he alo a he alo!"  The top of the cliff isn’t the place to look at us; come down here to learn of the big and little current, face to face! – We encourage the recognition and development of unique talents, knowledge and creativity.

Our name reflects our deep connectedness and respect for the Hawaiian NGO Ka 'Imi Na'auao O Hawai'i Nei Institute, founded 1977 by Roselle Keli'ihonipua Bailey - in the context of restoring and making once again accessible to the public one of the most important historical sites of the hula called Keahualaka, located on Kaua'i. In cooperation with our Hawaiian mother-organisation we conduct cultural exchanges in Europe and worldwide, educational and research projects and attract hula students of different age and various cultural and social backgrounds for whom Hula becomes a bridge across cultures and times.